Collection: Domaine François Raquillet

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At one of our memorable Christmas Parties, the Honest Grapes wine gurus fought like gladiators for the last glass of the utterly sumptuous Raquillet Les Veleys 2019.

With roots going back to the 16th century, Francois inherited the domaine from his father Jean in 1990 and has been working magic with the old vines ever since. The Wine Advocate's William Kelley praises the domaine's "generous, gourmand wines that are succulent and pleasure-bent but also possess levels of complexity and depth that distinguishes them from many of their peers."

The Wine

François Raquillet's mastery shines through as he tends to his 12 hectares of vineyards, with 8 devoted to red and 4 to white grapes. A pioneer in the region, he has confidently adapted to changing climates, resulting in wines that are both resilient and exceptional. Embracing the warmer, drier weather, the domaine has benefited from reduced yields and heightened concentration, giving rise to wines that are richer, more gourmand, and delicious.

From lively village wines brimming with vitality to intricate Premier Crus, Domaine François Raquillet's portfolio captures the very essence of Mercurey. François' expertise in the cellar ensures wines that gracefully mature, revealing layers of flavours and depths over time. These vines thrive in Mercurey's distinctive soils, with François championing sustainable practices that allow the terroir's character to shine.

In any case these wines are for real Pinot & Chardonnay enthusiasts, so whilst the reviews are consistently great (up to 93 points from Meadows), if you like drinking exceptional Burgundy at unbelievably good prices then you are unlikely to care much about the scores anyway...