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Nestled in the heart of Chablis, Domaine Jean Collet et Fils is more than just a winery; it's a testament to the enduring love for the land and the art of winemaking. Since 1792, through turbulent times and transformative eras, this family has passed down the tradition of crafting exceptional wines from one generation to the next.

Jean, the son of Marius and Agnès Collet, stepped onto the scene. In 1952, he founded Domaine Jean Collet, becoming one of Chablis' pioneers in selling bottled wines both in France and abroad. His wines reached Northern Europe, England, the USA in the '70s, and even Japan in the '80s.

It was in 1952, the same year he founded the domaine, that Jean married Janine, the daughter of Henri and Suzanne Costal, also esteemed winegrowers in Chablis. Janine brought not only her expertise in vineyard work but also precious plots in Chablis and Chablis Premier Cru: Vaillons, Sécher, Montmains, and Mont de Milieu. Their son Gilles joined his father in 1979, and the estate became Domaine Jean Collet et Fils. Petit Chablis and Chablis Vieilles Vignes were introduced in 1981, coinciding with Gilles' wedding to Dominique, the daughter of Raymond and Collette Tupinier, Villy vineyard owners.

Today, the domaine boasts some of the finest plots in Chablis. Now led by Romain, Domaine Jean Collet et Fils stands as a testament to the coexistence of tradition and modernism.

The Wine

Their winemaking philosophy revolves around the terroir, allowing the wines to express their true nature with minimal intervention. Spontaneous alcoholic fermentations and gentle handling are the hallmarks of their approach. In 2018, their dedication to environmental respect was rewarded with organic certification for a significant portion of their wines.

Romain's journey to the helm of the family business was marked by an early awakening to taste. He studied winemaking in Beaune, much like his father, and gained international experience through internships in various wine regions, from Nuits Saint Georges to New Zealand and Australia. His palate sharpened over the years, culminating in him being named the best taster in Europe at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2007.

Chablis owes its distinctive character to the "kimmeridgian" floor, a geological marvel dating back to the secondary Jurassic era. These marl limestone soils teem with marine fossils, particularly the "Exogyra Virgula," a small comma-shaped oyster, which imparts a remarkable essence to Chablis wines.

Chardonnay finds its voice in Chablis like nowhere else, yielding dry white wines celebrated for their purity, freshness, finesse, and minerality. This grape variety thrives in Chablis' semi-continental climate, striking an impeccable balance between sugar richness and vibrant freshness.