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Nadine Ferrand has been leading the way at Domaine Ferrand in Mâconnais since 1984. Despite lacking prior experience in vineyards and winemaking, Nadine fearlessly embarked on a journey of learning, enrolling in various training courses to acquire the essential skills of the trade. With determination and ambition, she has transformed the estate into an award-winning winery spanning 11.5 hectares, dedicated to sustainable production. In 2012, Nadine's daughter joined her, forming a formidable duo that completed a one-million-euro renovation of the property in 2018, including the construction of a modern tasting room.

Our Head Wine Guru, Tom, had the pleasure of visiting Domaine Ferrand on the recommendation of a close friend and esteemed member of Honest Grapes Grand Crew Classé, who happened to have a house nearby. Marine Ferrand, Nadine's daughter, warmly welcomed him and provided a tour of the winery, followed by a memorable tasting of their wines. From their Macon Blanc to their prestigious cuvées, each wine displayed a vibrant acidity beautifully balanced by ripe fruit flavours, all offered at an incredibly enticing price point.

The Wine

Specialising exclusively in Chardonnay, Domaine Nadine Ferrand produces wines across six appellations in Burgundy: Pouilly Fuissé, Saint Véran, Mâcon Solutré Pouilly, Mâcon Village, Mâcon Blanc, and Crémant de Bourgogne.

Despite a limited annual production of 70,000 bottles, the estate has garnered international recognition, exporting its wines to over 10 countries worldwide. This passionate and ambitious mother-daughter team continues to innovate while staying true to their family philosophy: "The Chardonnay, expressing itself with a feminine touch."

Their vineyards, located in the heart of Pouilly Fuissé, span 11.5 hectares and showcase the remarkable efforts of Nadine Ferrand and her daughter Marine. Dedicated to sustainable farming practices and traditional winemaking methods, the estate also embraces innovative techniques that enhance the quality and expression of their wines.