Collection: Marchesi Antinori

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Marchesi Antinori, a name synonymous with Tuscan winemaking for centuries. A family that has shaped the world of wine, blending tradition and innovation with passion. An exquisite grower in the Honest Grapes collection and one that produces excellent quality wines!

For over six centuries, the Antinori family has crafted wines that epitomize Italian winemaking heritage. Across 26 generations, they've maintained their legacy, making them one of the oldest continuously family-owned companies globally.

Rooted in the heart of Tuscany, the Antinori family's winemaking history dates back to the 13th century. Today, they remain integral to Florence's cultural fabric, with Piazza Antinori bearing witness to their enduring presence.

The acquisition of Tignanello in 1850 marked a turning point for Antinori, heralding an era of remarkable growth. With a keen eye for vineyard expansion and the creation of iconic wines, Antinori has evolved into Tuscany's and possibly Italy's premier wine producer.

Marchese Piero Antinori continues to reside in the historic heart of Florence, embodying the family's unwavering connection to their roots. Piazza Antinori stands as a testament to their enduring presence in the city.

The Wine

Their influence extends beyond Tuscany, embracing regions like Piedmont, Umbria, Puglia, and Lombardy. Antinori's journey has been defined by strategic vineyard acquisitions and the crafting of wines that capture the essence of each terroir.

Antinori's wines resonate with the rich tapestry of Italian landscapes. With dedication and innovation, they've created a portfolio that reflects the diversity and character of Italy's renowned wine regions.