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The Niepoort Family, emigres from the Netherlands, starting shipping Ports in 1842 and third generation Edouard Niepoort was considered a pioneer (or iconoclast) for introducing the Garrafeira concept for maturing their finest Ports, ageing vintage statement tawny ports in old apothecary glass demijohns.

This pioneering, revolutionary spirit was clearly inherited by grandson Dirk, who purchased the family’s first vineyards (rather than just contracted grapes) in 1987 and produced his first table (non-fortified) wine, Redoma, in 1991, from its 60 year old vines. Subsequently, table wine production has increased to include vineyards across Portugal, always old vines, always local varieties, and often field blends.

The Wine

Our wine director Tom was fortunate enough to be hosted recently by Dirk’s son Daniel around their wineries in The Douro, Dao and Porto and was quite simply blown away by the wines on show, amongst the most thrilling he had tasted in years, both reds and whites. If you love Burgundy or Barolo, the wines of Etna or Santorini, or really any wines that emphasise mineral intensity, precision, depth, soul and an inescapable sense of place, you absolutely must try the wines of Dirk Niepoort.