Collection: P. et M. Jacqueson

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P. et M. Jacqueson is a living testament to Burgundy's genuine heritage, a journey that's rooted in dedication, innovation, and family legacy. Founded by Henri Jacqueson in 1947, succeeded by his son Paul in 1972, and joined by Paul's daughter Marie in 2006, this domaine embodies the very essence of Côte Chalonnaise. We are thrilled to share this iconic duo with our customers’ and to be able to share such a small parcel of the Côte Chalonnaise.

The Jacqueson legacy is one of unity across generations. From founder Henri to Paul, Marie, and most recently, Pierre, the torch has been passed seamlessly, a testament to their shared commitment to producing wines that honour their land and heritage.

Their hand-picked approach to winemaking elevates every bottle to a work of art, true to their roots yet embracing the present. P. et M. Jacqueson stands as a beacon in the Côte Chalonnaise, a domaine that artfully bridges tradition and modernity, crafting wines that exude an authentic Burgundian identity.

The Wine

Guided by a tradition of excellence, the Jacqueson family has nurtured their 13 hectares of meticulously chosen vineyards, many of which boast venerable age. Their commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous vineyard practices, opting for manual work and minimal interventions, with the vineyards yielding around 35 hl/ha.

At P. et M. Jacqueson, craftsmanship takes centre stage. With a judicious approach to winemaking, their artistry is showcased through the careful use of new oak barrels (20% for whites and 25% for reds). This delicate balance ensures that their wines, although undeniably ripe and intense, carry an air of elegance that transcends their origins.