Collection: Château Suduiraut

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Château Suduiraut is a renowned Bordeaux estate with a rich history and exceptional wines that captivate enthusiasts worldwide. The estate took the name of Suduiraut in 1580, faced challenges during the Fronde insurrection, and emerged stronger after being rebuilt in the 17th century. A special addition in the Honest Grapes collection and a true gem which we are lucky to share with our customers!

After establishing itself as a respected producer of Bordeaux's renowned sweet wines. This history is woven into every facet of their wines, reflecting the estate's enduring commitment to quality.

In the Sauternes region, nature's intricate dance with Botrytis Cinerea, the "noble rot," gives rise to the distinct character of their wines. This process enriches the grapes, concentrating flavours and sugars that shape the signature profile of Château Suduiraut.

The Wine

The estate's terroir plays a vital role in crafting their exceptional wines. The combination of clay-gravel soils and sun-soaked slopes overlooking the Ciron river offers ideal conditions for cultivating Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which are hand-harvested at optimal ripeness.

AXA Millésimes acquired Suduiraut in 1992 with a mission to preserve and continue the estate’s legacy of vineyard management and winemaking. Guided by AXA Millésimes group's sustainable principles, Château Suduiraut practices environmentally friendly viticulture. From vineyard care to cellar practices, their commitment to quality and nature shines through.

Christian Seely, the estate’s Managing Director since 2000, and cellar Master Caroline Chevalier, steward the 92-hectare vineyard—a sandy, gravelly soil that captures the sun's warmth, aiding the grapes' rapid ripening. Château Suduiraut's collection boasts exceptional vintages that embody the charm of Sauternes.