Collection: Wiston Estate

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Wiston Estate, a true treasure in England's sparkling wine narrative and a true treasure in the Honest Grapes collection. This family-owned haven in the heart of West Sussex has charted an extraordinary course in crafting world-class sparkling wines. Owners Harry and Pip have tended vineyards since 2008, nurturing the estate's growth.

Since 1743, the Goring family has presided over Wiston Estate, nurturing a legacy of excellence. With each passing generation, their devotion to quality and innovation continues, establishing the estate as a shining emblem of distinction.

The Goring family's unwavering commitment and expertise resonate in every sip of Wiston's sparkling creations. Expert winemaking meets a zeal for excellence, resulting in cuvées that harmonize finesse with liveliness.

Wiston Estate's sparkling wines have garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious 'Winery of the Year' title at the 2018 WineGB Awards, the pinnacle of recognition in the English and Welsh wine industry.

The Wine

Among the rolling West Sussex hills, Wiston Estate's vineyards unfold, graced by chalky slopes and the clay soils of the Weald. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier thrive in this landscape, echoing the land's essence in every grape.

Wiston Estate's sparkling wines epitomise English elegance. Handpicked grapes are transformed through traditional methods, capturing the land's vibrancy. Lees aging bestows complexity, and each bottle bursts forth with a symphony of bubbles.

Stepping across borders, Wiston Estate's wines have gained global acclaim for their remarkable quality. From the acclaimed Brut NV to their prestige cuvées, each bottle embodies English spirit and the Gorings' unwavering pursuit of perfection.

Truly rare, Wiston's Coquard press is one of four outside France. This unique UK treasure extracts the highest quality due to its extensive surface area and gentle pressing technique.