Collection: Maison Bollinger

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Bollinger was established in 1829 by Jacques Bollinger and is to this day still family owned.

Over the years the vineyard holdings have been steadily increased with the largest expansion taking place under the leadership of the legendary Madame Lily Bollinger. Today it is managed by Charles-Armand de Belenet. 007's favourite and with vintages produced only in exceptional years - Bollinger is also one of the few Champagne Houses to produce the majority of their own grapes for their blends.

The Wine

Bolly makes a cracking range of sparklers, and particular favourites here include La Grande Année, which has been on an exceptional run of form of late, alongside the fabulous R.D. late releases. We've also enjoyed the single vineyard focused wines, such as the PN TX17, which are bringing excellent focus to some of the most exciting terroirs in the region.

"I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.”
Lily Bollinger, 17th October 1961