Collection: Château Cantenac Brown

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Château Cantenac Brown, a vineyard steeped in heritage and elegance. Situated in the village of Cantenac, this estate boasts a traditional Tudor-style château that pays homage to founder John-Lewis Brown's Scottish roots. The name of John-Lewis Brown has become synonymous with Grand Cru Classé, a testament to the legacy he established. Here at Honest Grapes’, we have the privilege to share Cantenac Brown with our trusting customers, and their Château is truly remarkable, a must see!

In the early 19th century, John-Lewis Brown acquired a vineyard and envisioned a château that reflected the Tudor architecture reminiscent of his Scottish heritage. The result was a stunning château in the heart of Cantenac, an emblematic symbol forever tied to the Grand Cru Classé designation. The year 1843 marked a pivotal moment as the estate transitioned to new ownership under Mr. Gromard, a banker who took the reins of this prestigious domaine.

Following the famed 1855 Grand Cru Classification, Louis Armand Lalande, a Bordeaux wine merchant with an array of Médoc estates, further expanded the château, solidifying its place among the iconic properties of the region.

Nestled within a remarkable British-style park, Château Cantenac Brown stands as an architectural marvel, exuding timeless charm and character. Its elegant façade and surroundings pay tribute to the estate's rich history, making it a truly exceptional landmark in the Médoc.

The Wine

In 2006, the Simon Halabi family breathed new life into Château Cantenac Brown, ushering in a new era of excellence. Under the guidance of winemaker José Sanfins, the estate embraces sustainable viticulture practices, ensuring the harmony between the land and the vines.

The vineyard itself is composed of a carefully balanced blend, with 30% Merlot, 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc. This meticulous composition captures the essence of the terroir and allows for the creation of wines that showcase the distinct qualities of each varietal.