Collection: Château Trebiac

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Château de Trébiac proudly graces our Sommelier Selection, standing as one of its shining stars. Its consistent recognition as the best in its price category during Premier Crew evenings with our Club members speaks volumes. Acknowledged with the prestigious Best Buy status from Wine Enthusiast, it unquestionably represents one of Bordeaux's finest value reds.

Tucked within Bordeaux's picturesque vineyards, Château de Trébiac stands as a symbol of tradition and winemaking prowess. With roots that stretch back generations, this estate crafts wines that embody the land's character and the skills of its creators.

The château's history stretches back to 1872 when it was built by Franciscan nuns, serving as an orphanage with vineyards planted to sustain the estate. In 1985, Jean-Ralph de Butler took ownership and embarked on a journey of modernisation. He reinvigorated production facilities, introduced new vines, and built a state-of-the-art winery. The reins were passed to his son Arnaud in 1999, who carried forward the estate's legacy with a focus on sustainable farming practices.

The Wine

Château de Trébiac's vineyards narrate a tale shaped by the earth and nurtured by the sun. Bordeaux's distinctive terroir speaks through each grape, and every plot contributes a unique facet to the wines. From the whites' finesse to the reds' depth, the wines echo a profound connection to the land.

Château de Trébiac, the second wine of Château Crabitey, finds its home on a captivating plateau in Portets, just 35 km south of Bordeaux. The name itself is a nod to the region's gravel soils, integral in shaping the distinct character of Cabernet Sauvignon cultivated in Graves. This results in wines that are structured, floral, and mineral-driven.