Collection: Domaine Faiveley

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For over seven generations, the Faiveley family has been an integral part of Burgundy's winemaking heritage. With roots dating back to 1825, this family-owned domaine has consistently delivered exceptional wines that exemplify the essence of Burgundy.

The Faiveley family's journey in winemaking began with Pierre Faiveley, who established the domaine in Nuits-Saint-Georges. His passion for Burgundy's terroir and wines laid the foundation for what would become a lasting legacy. Each generation of Faiveley winemakers has contributed to the domaine's reputation for excellence. Their dedication to crafting exceptional wines has been a defining characteristic passed down through the ages

In 2005, Erwan Faiveley took over from his father, François, in running the family domaine. His sister, Eve, joined them in 2014. Passionate and ambitious, they strive to continue the work of their predecessors and preserve this remarkable viticultural and architectural heritage for future generations.

Jérôme Flous, the Chief Winemaker, has blessed the domaine with his passion for the Fine Wines of Burgundy since he joined in 2007. He strives for perfection and excellence, from the work in the vineyards right through to the bottling of each of the domaine's wines.

The Wine

The domaine boasts an extensive vineyard portfolio, encompassing some of Burgundy's most prestigious appellations. From the renowned Côte de Nuits to the illustrious Côte de Beaune, Domaine Faiveley's vineyards are spread across 12.5 hectares of grand cru, 27 hectares of premier cru, and 160 hectares of village and regional appellations.

Domaine Faiveley skilfully combines traditional winemaking techniques with a forward-thinking approach. Their commitment to quality is unwavering, resulting in wines that reflect both the character of Burgundy's terroir and the innovation of the Faiveley family. Domaine Faiveley's meticulous approach to vineyard management is fundamental to their winemaking philosophy. They employ sustainable viticultural practices, respecting the land and its terroir, ensuring the longevity of their vines.

The winemaking team at Domaine Faiveley skilfully harvests grapes at optimal ripeness. Traditional vinification methods are employed to extract the full potential of each terroir. Long aging in French oak barrels imparts complexity and structure to the wines, creating a harmonious marriage of fruit and oak. Domaine Faiveley offers a diverse range of wines, from elegant whites to powerful reds. Each bottle is a testament to the family's dedication to producing wines of exceptional quality.