Collection: Domaine Philippe Colin

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At our Club Member Tastings, one name consistently shines: Philippe Colin. Renowned for his vibrant, elegant, and utterly delightful Chassagne-Montrachets, Philippe Colin's wines have captured the hearts of our community. Rooted in family heritage, his journey in winemaking has brought forth a range of wines that resonate with authenticity and character.

Philippe's story began as he inherited vineyards from his family estate, a legacy he has embraced and evolved with his own distinct style. Established in 2004, Domaine Philippe Colin encompasses prized plots across Santenay, Chassagne, Puligny-Montrachet, St-Aubin, and Maranges. Each year, he crafts nearly 25 unique wines, each a testament to his passion and dedication.

The Wine

With two-thirds of his 13 hectares dedicated to white varieties and the remaining third to red, Philippe expertly navigates the diverse terroirs. Employing minimal chemical intervention and a modest use of new oak (20-25%), he lets the grapes speak for themselves. A touch of lees stirring during elevage adds depth to his wines, revealing their individuality and complexity.

Philippe Colin's wines are a study in finesse. Clean minerality seamlessly blends with juicy, elegant fruit flavours, creating a harmonious symphony on the palate. His approach showcases an intimate understanding of terroir, allowing each wine to authentically express its origin. From Santenay's depth to Chassagne's elegance, each sip is an exploration of Burgundy's diverse landscapes.

Within this domaine lies a treasure trove of brilliant value. Philippe Colin's wines offer a genuine reflection of their terroirs, marrying tradition with innovation. From vineyard to bottle, his meticulous craftsmanship ensures that every wine carries the essence of Burgundy's soul.

A favourite among Honest Grapes enthusiasts, these exceptional wines are a testament to Philippe Colin's unwavering dedication and the essence of Burgundy itself. Don't miss the opportunity to experience these excellent wines firsthand!