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Nestled in California's Santa Cruz Mountains, Varner Wine is a testament to family dedication and the pursuit of exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. For decades, brothers Jim and Bob Varner have shaped this boutique winery into a celebrated producer of terroir-driven wines. With a shared love for winemaking, Jim and Bob Varner embarked on a journey in the early 1980s to uncover the untapped potential of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Their collective vision and expertise have since defined Varner Wine's reputation.

The Santa Cruz Mountains AVA boasts high elevations, a cool climate, and ancient marine soils, creating an ideal environment for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. These grape varieties thrive in these challenging yet rewarding mountain conditions.

The Wine

Varner Wine is recognized for its commitment to showcasing the unique character of individual vineyards. The winery offers a range of single-vineyard Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, each capturing the essence of its specific location, including Spring Ridge, Bee Block, and Amphitheater Block.

The cool climate of the Santa Cruz Mountains imparts a natural freshness and acidity to Varner wines. Meticulous winemaking techniques, such as native yeast fermentation and ageing in French oak barrels, ensure the wines' elegance, balance, and ageing potential.

Varner Wine takes a hands-off approach in the cellar, allowing the grapes and terroir to shine. Their minimal-intervention winemaking philosophy prioritizes the preservation of fruit purity. Varner's Chardonnays are celebrated for their precision. These wines offer a spectrum of flavours, from zesty citrus and green apple to complex profiles with hints of honey and stone fruit. Varner's Pinot Noirs showcase a wide range of red and black fruit flavours, delicate floral aromas, and a signature minerality. These wines embody the depth and finesse of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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